Robins Audio Supplies Theatre: Guys and Dolls – The Mill at Sonning

With an exceptionally busy Christmas ahead, we are exited to announce yet another production we will be supplying. We look forward to supplying and working on this amazing production of Guys and Dolls playing from November through until Febuary at The Mill At Sonning Theatre
Guys and Dolls - The Mill at Sonning
Production Poster, Guys and Dolls – The Mill at Sonning
We will be excited to showcase the new DPA 6061 hairline microphones on this production. For the main FOH we will be providing two hangs of 3x L-Acoustics KIVA II, which we felt was the best solution to cover the steep seating banks whilst remaining as unobtrusive as possible. We will also be using L-Acoustic X8s as out-fill and monitors and 5XTs as delays and surrounds.
Guys & Doll’s is a very traditional musical therefore we are avoiding seeing any microphones so it looks as natural as possible. The band of 7 will be mic’d using an entire DPA microhone system, to remain as discreet as possible. Aviom D800 and A360’s will be utilised as a personal mixing system for the band.
A Yamaha CL5 and RIO system will be supplied as a control solution.
The space its self does not leave much room for subwoofers, So working with the set designer we have found ways to build 2x L-Acoustics SB18 into the set design so that they wont be noticed by the audience.